Friday, January 16, 2015


Our plan now (it kept changing) was to bike the 11 miles to Matera and stay for a night, then make a long trek (40 miles!) to Alberobello the next day. We had already decided to skip the coast (Monopoli).  Still, if we didn't include a long trek (long for us), we wouldn't get an extra day in Naples. The ride to Matera from the farm wasn't too bad, but at the end there was a brutal three-mile hill. When Leaf got to the top he collapsed on the pavement.

Old City of Matera

After finding a B-and-B on the far side of town, and dropping off our laundry, we biked into the old town of Matera.  It was built into a canyon and looked enchanted.  All the unique little stone buildings sitting at different angles kept forcing your eyes to buzz in circles. Even though it was freezing, Monet immediately got out her tripod.

Leaf's panorama
Monet's masterpiece

The last three are Leaf and Mark having fun with Monet's tripod

Fisheye Selfie

Eating at the Restaurant in the Cave. . .

We walked down into the old city and found a restaurant that was built into a limestone cave. Of course we had to eat there!  It was very chic and groovy.  Once again, Monet yearned for her Italian boots.

Finally! Mark photographed as the artist he dreams of being: blurry,  drunk, writing poetry in a restaurant in a cave, and about to pass out. . .
Hey, Leaf, wake up your dad, he's about to pass out

Monet's Mileage Count:

  • Biking from Tempa Bianca farm to Matera (plus finding B-and-B and biking to old city and back) - 15 miles including that gnarly hill

Travel Tip

We ended up dropping off our laundry with the owner of the B-and-B.  He was super nice and heading out after repose to run errands (8pm!).  I guess this is when a normal Italian runs errands?  Anyway, this saved us the trouble of finding a nearby laundry mat and having to navigate the repose.

Next: the best and worst ride of the trip. . . and trulli

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  1. Mark, met you in Flagstaff with Sarah after our Grand Canyon a suggestion to connect with you on Google+ and found this blog! Loving it! I rode that entire region ages ago (25+) years ago...great to see not much has changed! Happy rolling trails! Jo